5:16 AM 6/17/2004 by Ian
    everyone hang on and keep checking the tour section for more info on shows we have coming up this summer. be sure to come out to one soon, and you have a 100 percent chance of us giving you a free cd! we're also moving into the studio within the next couple of weeks to lay down some bran new songs. musically speaking this has been a very productive last couple of months, and we've got alot of new material that we're wicked excited about. AND there is an imminent change of location coming soon... more on that later

4:33 PM 5/10/2004 by Caleb
    Everybody try and come out to the Piebald show this Friday at the Edge. Not only will it be a great show (The Jealous Sound is playing too!), but it will also be my last gig with Softer indefinitely.
    Lots of stuff has happened to this band in the past 2 years, and things have mounted to a point where it seems better for everybody if i take the backseat. I'd by lying if i said there were no personal reasons for leaving, but the looming clouds of extreme inconvenience and impracticality were the main factors in this decision. it's grown increasingly difficult to run a band from 4 hours away with little to no contact and one-way communication. rather than pull together in these times, i personally feel choked apart to the point where i am uncomfortable, out of place, and occasionally unwelcome in my own band - and that's not the way things are supposed to work, at least in any band to which i want to devote my life.
    This isn't a goodbye forever, although it's a big step back for me. If future situations arise that make it possible for me to become active with the band, i definitely won't rule out the possibility. This band has been the main focus of my life for the last 3 years, and i worked up to it for a few years before that. The experience definitely had some great ups (as well as its share of downs), and i hope to have some more in the future. i'm not exactly sure if the band plans on continuing as a 4-piece, or if kirsten is going to start in on keys, but they'll be posting updates on here occasionally.

So Long

2:38 AM 3/21/2004 by Caleb
    Well this is the brand new website. Actually, most of it's the same, just wrapped in a new shell and with some ugly spots changed, hopefully for the better. Not everything is perfectly finished yet, but then again, is anything ever? Stand by Unit 00...
    We've been using the old site for a little over a year, but it's been a rocky year for us as a group. Aside from the musical chairs with members, and the monumental name change, we've definitely changed as people and as musicians. I guess it was time to shed another layer of the old Lowfive skin, and along with it some pictures and other misc. relics preserved on the old site.
    As for band news, we're currently in another slow spot as we finish up some old demo recordings and start on some new demo recordings. Some of the stuff from last fall is up on purevolume, and we'll probably have some tracks in hard form at some upcoming shows - it's really been since August 2002 that we released anything. I've learned not to cross my fingers, but with all of the recording that's currently going on, i'd like to think we'll have something out this year.